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Schuberth Motorcycle Helmets: Tried, Tested & Much Loved!

Europe’s biggest motorcycle magazine, “MOTORRAD,” voted Schuberth helmets the best motorcycle helmet brand in 2011 for the sixth consecutive year, and Schuberth helmets have scored best in more than 30 international tests. Founded in 1922, Schuberth is an industry leader in helmet technology with unrivaled honors. Schuberth designed the first motorcycle helmet in 1954, the first composite helmet in 1976 and the first flip-up helmet in 1994 and since then the love and popularity of the Schuberth helmets has grown exponentially.

Schuberth helmets manifests and controls the entire helmet process from research and development through production at their state-of-the-art facility in Magdeburg, Germany. With in-house labs, including wind tunnels, and manufacturing manned by degreed engineers, technicians and craftsmen. When you buy a Schuberth product – a motorcycle helmet or a helmet accessory, you know you are getting the best deal in terms of technology and versatility.

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