International Orders

burn out italy ships worldwide


I am not in Italy, can I still order?

For sure, our webshop is built to especially serve people outside of Italy, who love our products, but cannot obtain them in their country of origin. It doesn't matter where you live, US, Australia, Japan, or even UK or other European countries - you can always order the products from our webshop.


Where do you ship to?

We are currently using UPS, DHL, EMS or USPS for the delivery. They send shipments throughout the entire world on a daily basis. You can check pricing and transfer time information on our cart page.


How are the products packed and sent?

We use cardboard boxes to send the goods. Depending on your order size, you'll get a smaller or bigger box. Stuff that can break is wrapped in a thick layer of bubble wrap. Any empty space is filled with filling paper to make sure the goods cannot move too much in the box.


My shipment has not arrived yet, when will it arrive?

Typical transit time is 5/7 business days. This is due to customs who sometimes keeps packages longer than expected. Therefore please allow 20 days for a package to arrive.


The product I was looking for is not available on Burn Out Italy; can I still order it?

For sure you can. If you know a specific product that you would like to order, please let us know through the contact form and we will add it to our assortment on the website, so you can order it.


I would like to return the products and get my money back, is that possible?

Sure, Customer is responsible for all back and forth shipping and brokerage charges for returns or exchanges.


Warranty Service

For warranty claims please contact Burn Out Italy Customer Service.  While Burn Out Italy will assist international customers with warranty claims, items may need to be shipped to Italy for inspection or repair. The customer will be responsible for these additional back and forth shipping charges.


Import duties, taxes or fees

Any import duties, taxes or fees are the sole responsibility of the receiving customer. Shipments cannot be marked as a "gift."